Celebrating Decorating Pumpkin Magic

Carving Jack o’Lanterns has been a tradition that goes back centuries. Where Jack o’Lanterns come from makes good Halloween storytelling. But tonight we shall concentrate on the younger crowd!

Have you wanted your younger children to be involved in decorating the pumpkin but know there is no way in this world you would trust them with a knife? Much less one sharp enough to carve through the rind of a pumpkin? Then do I have the answer for you! We will be celebrating decorating pumpkins!

Celebrating Decorating Halloween Pumpkin Magic

Reason for Allowing Little Hands to Create Pumpkin Magic

Sitting and watching adults carve away leads to bored toddlers. And everyone knows that bored toddlers lead to problems. So here are some ideas to keep your child from becoming bored and suddenly become part of the decorating party!

Helping Little Hands Create Pumpkin Magic

For the smallest of little hands to get involved finger painting will provide a lot of fun. There is no right or wrong way to decorate the pumpkin with finger paint! Painting little hands and letting them create is one option. Putting finger paint on a plate and letting them choose the colors is a lot of fun!

Celebrating Decorating Halloween Pumpkin Magic with Finger Painting

Creating Pumpkin Magic With Toddlers 

You can also give toddlers the paint bottle and let them squeeze it on the top of the pumpkin and run down the sides.

Giving large crayons to little hands allows them a little more control on what designs they can make. Large crayons start at about age 3. So don’t be afraid to let the smaller ones create their Halloween Magic!


Creating Pumpkin Magic with Foam


There are some great sets to use in order to create pumpkin magic with foam. Your child picks and chooses the pieces and placement for the foam pieces. Remember this is about creating Halloween magic and family fun…not about perfection.

Celebrating Decorating Halloween Pumpkin Magic with Foam Pieces


Little minds imagine all sort of creative ideas. Make sure you get enough kits for you too and join in the fun right along with your child!

Reasons to Create Painting Pumpkin Magic

Want to let your pumpkins last a bit longer? Try painting them! These pumpkins last for a couple of months so you could enjoy them all the way to Thanksgiving!

Another nice thing about painting your pumpkin, it is inexpensive and fairly easy! This is also another fun family project.

How to Create Painting Pumpkin Magic


Choose where you want the face and you can just draw on what you envision for your design. Markers or paint create the perfect effects. You could you paint brushes or sponges or even cotton swabs. Let your imagination run wild. It will be so much fun to see what your child creates!

You can also add cotton balls, feathers, glitter, whatever you have to further decorate your pumpkin. And voila! You and your family have created awesome pumpkin magic with paint!

Celebrating Decorating Halloween Pumpkins with Paint

Older Children Create Their Own Pumpkin Magic

The older children don’t take as much observation as they are well able to create their own pumpkins. Provide them with several different art media and let them go!

There are even kits available to create amazing pumpkins. One such kit is the Cinderella’s Carriage. Perfect for your own princess!


You may be surprised to find alien pumpkins or robotic ones. Teens may even try and add robotic arms to their creation.


Celebrating Decorating Pumpkins

Just remember the object of decorating the pumpkins as a family is to create unforgettable memories. Not perfect lines of pumpkins exactly the same. There is creativity in everyone. Just dig deep inside and you will find it. Little hands create more easily because they are less hampered by our ideas that have become set into exactly what things should look like. Here is a good time for parents to learn from their children. And always…have fun celebrating and creating your family pumpkin magic!



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