Celebrating Halloween Party Ideas for Children

The first thing to do when you decide to throw a party, besides come up with ideas, is select invitations!  Something with stickers you can put on them keeps everyone happy, both those sending and those receiving!

These are postcard invitations with happy smiling ghosts, jack o’lanterns, and spiders so as not to intimidate any child who might still be afraid of such creatures.  Applying stickers keep your child busy while you write out the information on the postcards and envelopes.


Happy jack o’lantern tableware can be found to go along with your happy jack o’lantern invitations.  Or you can always opt to purchase a complete set of tableware along with matching invitations.  I just found these smiling jack o’lanterns cute!

Decorating Ideas

Now comes a bit more planning!  First, you have to decide how many you are inviting to the party.  This will help you decide whether to have the party inside or out, not to mention finding out what the weather forecast is going to be the day of the party!

You also need to decide how many different games you are going to have and if you are setting them up in stations.  Help from some of the other moms allows you the option of stations so each mom can watch a station.

Once you figure out where you are holding the party and how you are going to play the games, now you can start deciding how you want to decorate the area!  It is always fun to have an area where you can take photos and this will make great take-home favors for the moms who couldn’t be there as well as those who could.

Photo “Booth” Ideas

If you don’t have a photo “booth” you try a wall as a backdrop. This kit from Amazon if perfect to take pictures in front of!  It contains a plastic banner, 2 plastic sheets, and 2 plastic pieces.  This makes a perfect image for your little cuties to take their picture in front of and goes so well with the other items in this theme.

Adding props for your photo booth enhances the experience.  The children love the masks and will enjoy getting into the “spirit” of things!  The parents will also appreciate how you went to the trouble of making the Halloween Party an enjoyable experience for their child.  Especially if this is the first Halloween Party their child has attended.

Overhead Decorations

Having items hanging down from the ceiling draws attention to a space.  For example, hanging them over the refreshment table will draw eyes to that area.  Placing a few over each game area will call attention to those areas as well. 

Outdoor Decorations

These adorable corrugated yard signs happily welcome your little Halloween Party visitors!  Their friendly smiling features will have your guests eager to come in and see what awaits them inside if you choose to have your party indoors.  

Halloween Party Game Ideas

There are so many party games you can get nowadays to make your party even more enjoyable.  As I said before if you have enough parents to help out at the party, set up stations that the children can rotate through.  This way everyone will stay busy having fun!  Also, if you are having something for the little ones at school or church, when your party is through, offer to volunteer your games for part of the entertainment.  Then put them away for next year!

This friendly inflatable spider will invite the children to toss the rings on its upward facing arms.  The large rings allow the children to more easily get the ring on the arm.

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, how about a game of pin the nose on the pumpkin?  This game has a blindfold and instructions!  For safety’s sake, stick a piece of sticky putty on the back of the nose so no one gets stuck!

A bean bag toss is always fun for young ones.  Even some of your smaller guests will enjoy tossing the bag into the hole!

Halloween Party Treat Ideas


If you are a busy mom and don’t have time to melt the orange candy melts to coat pretzels in to make pumpkin pretzels have no fear!  Amazon even sells pretzel pumpkins and bats for you to serve! 

You can also shape Rice Crispy Treats (that you have colored orange) into pumpkin shapes.  Add a Rollo and a green M&M on top for stem and leaf.  

For a “bewitching” drink, fill an ice tray up the night before with Hawaiian Punch.  At the party put 6 cups of 7Up and 3 cups of Hawaiian Punch in your punch bowl.  Add the ice cubes.  Also, add some dry ice to make a steaming witches brew.  While you are making the punch, play the song Witches’ Brew from the Hap Palmer CD and get the children to sing along, stirring when it talks about “stirring up my witches’ brew.”


Halloween Party Favor Ideas

Have your little party goers be sure to come with their Trick or Treat bucket or bag.  Not only put in age-appropriate candy for them to take home, but also send them back home with party favors that are sure to make this one Halloween Party they will never forget!


This Halloween Party favor package is perfect for ages 2 and up.  It contains a wide variety of items sure to keep the children busy and talking about the party for days!

I hope I have given you lots of ideas for your child’s Halloween Party!  Thanks for celebrating your Halloween Party with me!



the Holiday Mom

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