Celebrating Instant Pot

What is an Instant Pot?

An Instant Pot takes the place of several items in your kitchen!  It makes life so much easier!  Who couldn’t use that?  

Do you have a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, egg boiler, oven for baking cakes all on your kitchen cabinet?  Or at least somewhere in your kitchen taking up space?

With the Instant Pot, all of that can be decluttered!  Your new Instant Pot can perform all of those functions for you!

Does it really work?

Yes!  It works wonderfully!  I can do so many things with it.  When I first checked into an Instant Pot, I had no idea they were so versatile! 

I kept seeing pins for them on Pinterest and hearing Instant Pot bandied about.  At first, I had absolutely no clue what it was.  The first thing that popped into my mind was, it must have something to do with Chinese food, as all I could think of was pot stickers.

My curiosity was piqued!

I started reading the recipes I found on the pins on Pinterest and thought the Instant Pot sounded great!  So I decided to invest in one.

My Instant Pot was probably one of the best investments I have ever made!  I have cooked with it every day since I have gotten it!  

Baby Back Ribs cooked in Instant Pot

The first day I had it I made BBQ baby back ribs.  Usually, it takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours at a low temperature to get them where they are falling off the bone.  In the Instant Pot, you only have to cook them 35 minutes!  I must tell you, I was totally skeptical about this cooking time! 

Instant Pot BBQ Ribs

I was amazed that it worked!  I took them out of the Instant Pot, added some BBQ sauce, and then stuck them in the broiler about 5 minutes to give it a glaze.  Delicious barely describes these ribs!  They were trying to fall off the bone, even as I took them out of the Instant Pot!

Do you have to soak dried beans before you cook them in the Instant Pot?

This is another wonderful thing about the Instant Pot!  No more soaking them before putting them on the stove to cook for a good while.  Or no more waiting hours before you can eat like you do with your crock pot.  

I just put dry kidney beans in my Instant Pot along with sausage, onions, bell pepper, spices, and water and set it for 40 minutes.  How amazing is it that the beans came out nice and tender without soaking them!

IP Red beans and sausage

I put a twist on the usual traditional New Year’s Day meal and had my Instant Pot red beans and sausage, turnip greens with Mexican cornbread, and fried okra.  What a wonderful meal it was!

But can you really do other things with the Instant Pot?

Yes!  You can get accessories to help you do so many great things with your Instant Pot!  This steamer will not only steam vegetables to perfection but will also cook a meatloaf!

This jewel will even bake a cake!  This cake pan for makes awesome cheesecakes!

The Instant Pot also cooks rice instead of having to use a rice cooker. You can actually cook a whole meal at one time!  This saves so much time and energy.  You just put everything you need for your meal in the Instant Pot, depending on what your recipe calls for.  Then you set the timer and go do other things while your meal will be ready in a short time.  

Instant Pots can also make yogurt!  For those holiday parties what a treat it would be to have individual yogurt cups for your guests.  Or serve a cake cooked in your Instant Pot instead of heating up your house on a hot summer day with the oven.  The Instant Pot is sure to make your party a success!


Items I want for my Instant Pot!

There are more items I am wanting to purchase for my Instant Pot.  One of my favorite cakes growing up was a lemon blueberry bundt cake.  Imagine my delight when I saw this bundt cake pan for the Instant Pot!  You know I want to get that!

My granddaughter does not eat cake, but she loves cupcakes!  I found these silicone molds and am not sure if I could use them in my instant pot.  I was thinking of putting them inside the springform pan. 

If anyone has had any experience doing this, please let me know in the comment section below!

I hope you enjoy your Instant Pot as much as I am mine!


Holiday Mom



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