Celebrating the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood


Have you been dying to see some of Hollywood? There may be others who are dying to get out in the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood.

Located not far from the TCL Chinese and Dolby Theaters and also near The Hollywood Bowl and Hollywood Walk of Fame, we find another well-known piece of Hollywood. The Hotel Roosevelt a well-known piece of architecture, lays in the heart of historic Hollywood.

the front of Hotel Roosevelt

Not only is it a 4-star hotel, but it is also known for being one of the top 10 haunted hotels in the United States!

The style of this hotel is Spanish Colonial Revival. Its grandeur rivals any of the top hotels in Los Angeles. Thompson Hotels manages it.

There is a beautiful two-story lobby done in rich Spanish style decor. The Roosevelt Hotel contains a combination of historical features mixed in with amenities on the cutting edge. The Hotel, not only a 4-star Hotel but features a 4-star price with extra fees included for the amenities.

Some of these extras are babysitting, in-room wifi, cooked-to-order breakfasts, water, in room honor bar, snacks, fitness center, massages and body treatments, Spa Services, Dry Cleaning/Laundry, Safe-deposit box, and too much more to name.

Wealthy young adults find the popular nightclub TEDDY’s to be very trendy.

Teddy's in the Hotel Roosevelt

They also enjoy pool parties at the Hotel that requires tickets to get in. And sports a rooftop terrace also! You have to wonder if they party along with spectral young adults from another time.

Found in the resplendent old hotel, 300 rooms, and suites awaiting guests. The hotel also offers 25,000 sq. ft. of meeting rooms and conference areas for its clientele.

One of the bedrooms at the Hotel Roosevelt

Since its opening, the Hotel Roosevelt graces receptions and social events of all kinds in its Blossom Room ballroom. This is where the first two Academy Award banquets were held. As well as many other events. Perhaps Marilyn Monroe lurks in the background at these events, looking for actors and actresses she once knew.

Of course, with a name like Hotel Roosevelt and a famous nightclub named TEDDY’s, who do you think the Hotel was named for?

President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt

If you guessed President Theodore Roosevelt, you are absolutely right! The hotel contains twelve stories which you might expect to hear Robin Leach’s voice saying “of the Rich and Famous.” Here you will find the top actors and actresses of Hollywood.

Famous movie stars such as Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford and the famous movie mogul Louise B. Mayer were among some of its financiers. Back in 1927 when it was built, its cost was $2.5 million dollars which were an exorbitant amount back then.

Who do you think were some of the people who stayed here?

Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, and Carol Lombard are but a few of the famous stars who stayed at the Hotel Roosevelt. Also, the actors and actresses that worked for Louie B. Mayer’s Studio stayed there, thanks to his helping to finance the hotel. Some even stayed there for a length of time while getting their careers going.

Marilyn stayed for 2 years while her modeling career skyrocketed. Her first photos were at the pool side of the Roosevelt.

In 1952, Room 928 was home to Montgomery Clift for 3 months while he was filming FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. He not only practiced learning his lines but also practice on his trumpet for the movie. He received an Academy Award nomination for his role in this film.


The Hotel Roosevelt received 3 major facelifts.

Evidently, the spirits approved as they continued to enjoy their ghostly occupancy of the hotel.

It is said that when children die in a place they were with their parents, they keep looking for them in the last place they saw them. Such is possibly the case of a little girl spirit who plays at the hotel, apparently looking for her mother.

Sometimes people who have had emotional and physical problems, whose lives did not end well and ended abruptly, come back seeking to fix their problem.

They try to find peace in a place where they had success in their lives. Perhaps they are reliving the good times in order to let go of the failures they feel they suffered.

Marilyn Monroe was one such person. She was so troubled and unhappy that she used sex, pills, and alcohol to try and ease her pain. Marilyn suffered a loveless childhood and sought help from a therapist but wasn’t able to get over her past. Unfortunately, she accidentally overdosed on pills and alcohol, ending her life abruptly.

Montgomery Clift was a talented actor. But he soon fell out of favor with Hollywood due to an addiction to pain pills and alcohol. He started using the pills after a car accident in 1958. This interfered with his ability to learn his lines or show up for filming.

He died suddenly right before he was to start filming a movie with Elizabeth Taylor. She had put up own salary as the collateral for him, to say he would show up for the filming and be reliable. He also accepted a role in a European film hoping to prove his reliability.

                            Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift

As I stated earlier, the Hotel went through 3 major face-lifts.

It is said that restorations will trigger ghostly inhabitants to come back to a place they loved while they were alive. Especially spirits who were deeply troubled.

After the first restoration, in 1984, Carol Lombard is one who is said to have returned to her happy time in life.

Many of the Hotel’s guests remain blissfully unaware that they are sharing space with ghostly inhabitants of yesteryear. However, there are several reports of spectral inhabitants who remain at the Hotel.

Who are some of the troubled spirits who still reside there?

Montgomery Cliff is said to still reside in Room 928 and also just outside in the hallway. Witnesses have claimed to see him. They say he practices his trumpet out in the hallway. Maids have felt a cold presence watching them or something brush past, touching them. They say he also walks beside them.

Even guests who have stayed in Room 928 have told about their experiences. One such event happened to a couple staying there. The wife was laying there reading while her husband slept. She said someone patted her gently on the shoulder, yet when she turned and looked at her husband he was still fast asleep.

Montgomery Clift playing his trumpet

A psychic named Peter James stayed there to check it out.

He was standing outside in the hallway and Mr. James said he felt a lot of angry vibes coming from the room at him. Mr. James finally went to sleep about 2 A.M. Suddenly awakened with the feeling of someone lying on top of him and unable to move, he finally moved his arm and succeeded in moving the presence off of him.

He woke back up again a few hours later and says he saw the ghost of Montgomery Clift sitting in a chair in the corner of his room watching him. After about 30 minutes the apparition got up and walked to the bathroom and then disappeared.

It is said Marilyn still enjoys her same Suite 1200 that she doesn’t seem to mind sharing with others.

Marilyn Monroe

Guests and staff state they have seen her in various mirrors around the hotel. She is especially known to hang out in the mirror in her old Suite 1200.

One day an employee was dusting the mirror from the suite, that had been moved to the manager’s office. She saw the image of a sad young blonde woman. She turned to talk to her and there was no one there. Turning back to the mirror, she once again saw the same woman. Sometimes this mirror is displayed in the elevator foyer.

In the early morning hours, the hotel receptionist notices a little girl wearing a pink jacket and jeans.

She had her hair tied up in a ponytail and was skipping around and singing. Imagine her shock to see the little girl vanish right before her eyes! This same little girl appeared in the Penthouse Library, crying and worrying her mother was hurt. Would you reach out and comfort this ghostly apparition who seems so real?


You never know what you will find if you come to stay at the Hotel Roosevelt.

A spectral swimmer in the pool late at night that only security cameras can pick up. A figure in the mirror that isn’t there when you turn. Trumpet music playing eerily with no one there.

Whatever you do, be sure to take your hotel key with you, as many guests have found themselves locked out of their rooms. Don’t try to film these wraith-like images, as when that happens there is usually an unexplained power failure.

The price in rooms have gone up tremendously, so at least have a famous star’s bank balance if you plan to come and stay. Even though you are paying for your own room, just remember it might be shared by an otherworldly figure.

Thanks for celebrating the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood with me! 



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