Celebrating Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

Take your Teddy Bear to work day

Did you have a teddy bear when you were growing up? Not only did I have a teddy bear, I had a whole BED full of stuffed animals! I had to sleep with every single one of them at night. That didn’t leave much room for me, but back then I was a tiny, scrawny girl. My favorites were a dog I was given when I was born. He was white and had yellow and green spots and named Slowpoke. My next one was a tiger my dad had brought back from a trip to Libya. He was in the Air Force.

When I would get upset and want to run away from home, I spread my long red and white checked housecoat on the bed. I then would begin placing my stuffed animals in my housecoat. My plan, tie them up with the sleeves of the housecoat and take them with me. Of course, they all had to go because as I said, I had to sleep with all of them! Unfortunately, they never fit, so I never ran away from home.

How Did We Get Teddy Bears?

Back in the early 1900’s, President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt had gone on a hunting trip in Mississippi. The group was bear hunting. President Roosevelt refused to kill the bear. He said the other men in the group were exhibiting “unsportsmanlike” behavior because of it.

Drawing the line in Mississippi political cartoon

A newspaperman named Clifford Berryman drew a political cartoon showing what had happened. He titled the cartoon “Drawing the Line in Mississippi”. This drew the nation’s attention. It also drew the attention of a couple, Morris and Rose Michtom. This inspired them to create a stuffed bear in honor of President Roosevelt. They place it in their store window with a sign that stated “Teddy’s Bear”.

This attracted a lot of interest from their customers. They wrote to the President and asked for permission to use his name with the bear. The Michtom’s started a toy company which made, among other things, teddy bears.

President Teddy Roosevelt and the teddy bear

Teddy bears became even more popular until it peaked between 1906 and 1908. This just so happened to be the second term of President “Teddy” Roosevelt. Adults and children both were in love with the teddy bears.

Coincidentally, in Germany, a Company named the Steiff Company also came up with a stuffed bear in 1902. Those bears are still made today. They even have a USA website.

How Do We Celebrate the Teddy Bear Today?

National Bring Your Teddy Bear to work day occurs on the second Wednesday in October. Teddy bears are known to bring comfort to children and adults both. Dress your teddy bear up and take him out with you for a day on the town!

Bear Fun Facts:

  • Do you know what bears and farmers have in common? They both spread seeds and plant things! A bear’s diet consists of berries and acorns. After they digest them, the nutrients are stored in their body and the waste containing the seeds is scattered on the woodland floor. This waste actually has its own name called “scat.” Where ever the scat is scattered, the seeds sprout and become new plants!
  • Some species of bears actually make nests in trees, much like birds. They will bend down the tree branches to make a place to sit that looks much like a nest. Some sleep there while others hide or eat in their nest.
  • Did you know bears and pigs share something in common? They are not related, but both of the names for the male is called “boar” and the female names are called “sow.”
  • In Asia, some countries still practice the old traditional way of medicine. In those places, the bear gall bladder is even more precious than gold! Unfortunately, some bear populations have suffered because of this and are now an endangered species.
  • What kind of bear is a Koala bear? Not actually bears, these marsupial mammals carry their young in a pouch in the front, much like a kangaroo.

How many famous bears can you name?



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